Why does Temple, who seems to have plenty of chances, not run away?

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alexb2 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of the main themes of Sanctuary is corruption. It could be argued that, because of the evil done to her, Temple is thoroughly corrupted herself, and becomes part of the evil and corruption all around her.

At one point, it says that Temple does not comprehend her fate. She is aware only that “something is happening to [her.]”

revolution | Student

She didn't know that she was the cause of all of the terrible evil that has befall her and this lack of thought and insight perfectly describes the characteristics of most evil people, whom doesn't use their minds to think and start action too quickly. By the rape, her inner demons started coming out from her darkest soul and his internal demons emerges and started killing people just for pure evil, so her rape case causes her carnal corruption to come full circle which causes the deaths of lots of men (4 in total). By this, we can see that Temple doesn't have any guilty conscience and cannot differentiate between right and wrong, black and white. It was this mistake of hers that cause her life to spiral down and cause her to become in a complete mess and mayhem.

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