Why Does T.J. go into the woods?

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It was Alicia and her children (not T.J.) who went into the woods, though actually that is just what she told Mr. Jones.  She was really meeting with Rich.  He wanted to see her and the twins, but she was compelled to take Heidi as well to prevent her from telling Mr. and Mrs. Jones of the meeting.  By this action, Alicia put herself in danger and broke the no-contact injunction.  When Mr. Jones discovered what she did, he ordered her to pack her bags and leave (according to their agreement), because he was not going to allow her to jeopardize the safety of his family as well as her own.

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Now you can be talking about the part in the book where T.J. goes into the woods to confront Mike Barbour and Rich Marshall when they wanted to kill the deer.  T.J. ended up jumping on top of the deer right before they killed it.  T.J. then got jumped on by Rich and Mike and was bloodied up pretty well.  that is when he wore the bloddy shirt ofr two weeks straight and started a big fuss at the school.

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