Why does summer fog cause problems for Julie in "Julie of the Wolves"?

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Because of the thick summer fog, the wolves, who had accepted Julie as one of their own and had been allowing her to share their meat, could not hunt.  The fog diminished visibility to the extent that the wolves could not see to pursue the caribou, and Julie realized that "if the wolves did not bring her some meat, she might not eat for days". 

Fogs "were part of the Arctic summer, rolling in from the sea for only an hour or for many days, but Miyax had never given them much thought".  She knew how completely they could obscure visibility, however, making people "prisoners of the fog".  Miyax remembered that "when the fog rolled over Barrow, airplanes were grounded, ships and boats had to be anchored, and even the two jeeps in town sat where they had stopped in the fog".

Although she had been successful in learning to scrounge a little food on her own, Miyax had become dependent upon the wolves' help in providing her with sustenance.  With the onset of the fog, she began to explore other meants of finding nourishment for herself.  Fortunately, as if by some miracle, a huge caribou thundered out of the fog, running her way.  The wolves overtook it and brought it down, and Miyax was provided with the remainder of the kill "felled practically at her door...enough food to last her for months, perhaps a year" (Part 1).

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