In All My Sons, why does Sue Bayliss hate the Kellers?

Expert Answers
ms-mcgregor eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Sue Bayliss, the wife of next door neighbor Jim Bayliss, resides in the house that used to belong to Joe's partner, Steve Deever. She dislikes the Kellers because she thinks Chris really knows his father is guilty and is using his pretended innocence to benefit himself. She thinks Chris is a "phony" and she deeply resents Chris' friendship with her husband. She thinks her husband also really knows the truth about Joe Keller, and cannot understand how her husband can like Joe. 

lolo5000 | Student

sue hates the kellers because she feels that they are more superior than her family because jim always wants to do any thing for them, she also feels like a bum because all the neighbors treat them as saints but in reality they are not.