In "How I Met My Husband," why is there no description of Chris Watters's personal appearance? To Edie, what matters the most about him?

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Susan Hurn eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Edie "tries on" a relationship with Chris Watters in much the same way she tries on Mrs. Pebbles satin dress. She is a girl growing up, awakening and searching for her life. She has no experience with men. The young pilot and war veteran is romantic and exciting, although Edie certainly is not used to the attention he pays to her. When they first meet and he compliments her appearance in Mrs. Pebbles' dress, Edie feels very uncomfortable and wishes only that he would leave. Then she must see him about keeping the secret of the dress. This meeting leads to a cake, which leads to a passionate kiss, and Edie is completely and naively smitten. His promise to write to her leads Edie to believe he will be her future, a far more exciting prospect than living on the farm or performing Mrs. Pebbles' household chores.

It is not how Chris looks that draws Edie in; it is what he manages to do in the short time he is with her. He makes Edie feel mature and desirable, a young woman with a romantic future ahead of her. Edie is a desirable young woman with a romance in her future, but she must let go of her first love to find her real one.

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