Stuck in Neutral Questions and Answers
by Terry Trueman

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Why does Shawn enjoy his seizures in Stuck in Neutral?

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Stuck in Neutral, written by Terry Trueman, is a young adult novel about Shawn McDaniel. Shawn is fourteen years old and has cerebral palsy. He seems, to others, to be in a vegetative state, as he has no muscle control and is unable to communicate. His family believes that he is not only physically impaired but that he is also mentally impaired with the brain function of a baby. But, Shawn is actually very intelligent.

Part of his condition means that Shawn suffers from seizures which he describes as being enjoyable:

I don’t know when a seizure will strike, but when it does, it’s like a miracle.

The reason for this is that these seizures take Shawn out of his paralyzed body and away from the reality he inhabits. They are his only means of escape and they make him feel like he is flying.

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