Why does Shakespeare include the Prologue in the beginning of the play?

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tinicraw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The Prologue takes on a voice of its own as it is also the Chorus or narrator of the play. This narrator is different than what one might expect today becuase it has Greek and Roman ties to ancient plays and tragedies; and, that is the voice and presence of Fate/Fortune. Fate's presence is felt throughout the play whenever the chorus chimes in with prophetic spoilers; but, spoiling the end is not it's duty. Rather, Fate's voice is used to show that no matter what any character tries to do to avoid trouble ro death, Fate will be fulfilled. From the onset, Fate tells the audience that it's going to end with death, but the audience might still hope for some sight of joy and happiness to come out of the troubles and misunderstandings that take place.  Again, though, no matter what happens, Fate declares it so and there's nothing anyone can do about the deaths that occur. This brings up the discussion about the Fate vs. Free Will. Do we really have free will in life or is our life pre-destined?

rawrchelle | Student

*in the beginning of the play, Romeo and Juliet.