Why does the sentry personally lead Beowulf and his men to Herot after hearing their reason for coming to Denmark?

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writergal06 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The sentry are guarding the shores of Denmark, and at first challenge Beowulf  and his men as they approach the shores. There are a few possible reasons that the sentry accompany Beowulf to Herot, though the reasons are clear in the epic.The best reason is that there is always the possibility that Beowulf has lied about his reason in coming, and the sentry are still charged with protecting the land and the king. Beowulf and his men are heavily armed and very imposing, so its easy to understand why they would still be on guard. The sentry do not stand down until the king himself states that he has heard of Beowulf and welcomes him to Herot.

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