Why does Scout question Atticus's visit at the Radley's house in Chapter 8 of To Kill a Mockingbird?

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Scout does not believe that Mrs. Radley died of natural causes, because she thinks that Boo killed her.

When Old Mrs. Radley dies, Scout and Jem are convinced that Boo Radley killed her.  They have a romantically malevolent idea about Boo.  He is the neighborhood phantom, supposedly locked in his house for years after attacking his father with scissors.

Although most people don’t pay much attention, Atticus goes to visit the Radleys and pay condolences. 

Jem and I decided that Boo had got her at last, but when Atticus returned from the Radley house he said she died of natural causes, to our disappointment. (ch 8)

Scout and Jem had a much more romantic notion.  They were convinced the monster Boo got her, and death from natural causes was too boring.

Most neighborhoods have a family that sticks to itself.  Basically, there is no reason to doubt the Radleys.  Yet they are different, and that makes the Finch children curious.



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