Why does Scott help Teddy and not Jerry in Evicted?

Expert Answers

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Scott lives with Teddy in Tobin's trailer park. Both men have had substance abuse issues which have made it hard for them to get their lives back on track. Of the two, though, Scott is much more together. He's determined to stay off drugs and get his nursing license back. This puts him in a much better position than his roommate Teddy, who's much older than Scott and who is a lot sicker due to years of heroin addiction.

Though Scott's no longer able to practice as a nurse—he lost his license after he was caught stealing medication and getting high at work—he's still able to put his nursing skills to good use in caring for Teddy, who's not in a position to take care of himself.

As for Jerry, he's more than capable of taking care of himself. A tough biker, he responds to his notice of eviction by threatening Lenny, Tobin's property manager at the trailer park. Nevertheless, Tobin's unfazed; a gruff, macho guy himself, he's used to handling such aggression.

He works out a deal with Jerry whereby he's allowed to stay, so long as he agrees to clear up the trailer park and attend to some maintenance concerns. Scott and Teddy didn't catch such a break as neither of them were willing or able to stand up to Tobin. And so, unlike Jerry, they were evicted.

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