Why does satan continue to survive over the years in our fears and will we ever be rid of the specter

iklan100 | Student

'Satan', 'the Devil', 'Ibliss', 'Shaitana', 'Old Nick'-- by whatever name we call him, in the 3 religious systems of Judaism/Christianity/Islam, this figure is central to the struggle between 'good' (represented by God/Jehovah/Allah and angelic forces) versus 'evil' (satanic/demonic)- which according to the holy texts and traditions of these religions, shall only end at the end of the world, on the Day of Judgment when 'Good' will triumph over 'Evil'. In Judaism and Islam, in the Middle Esat, Asia and Africa, as well as other parts, these beliefs are generally still very much alive and forceful.

In the Christian West, although Christianity also believes in Satan and the good-Evil struggle, scientific developments and loss of faith have, over the centuries, eroded many beliefs including the belief in Satan, to some extent; but many creative/imaginative traditions in the west, too (such as in literature, music and the arts, cinema etc) still hold on to and promote the 'Satanic' image. This image thus still retains its hold on the public mind/s and it seems doubtful that this will change too much at this point.

It is worth noting that although 'good' and evil' also exist in some other belief systems/religions; these ideas dont exist in all religions. And theer are religions and people who dont have any 'Satanic' consicousness in their psyches at all! Ultimately, it is in Judaism and Christianity and Islam, that this consciousness is strongest.

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