Why does Samson ignore Rosh but stay close to Daniel in "Bronze Bow"?

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dymatsuoka eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Samson is rescued from the slave traders and released from his bonds upon the orders of Rosh, but it is Daniel who has direct contact with the slave.  After the tradesmen flee in terror before the attack of Rosh's men, Samson stands in the middle of the road "like a beast of stone...indifferent that he had exchanged on master for another...(he shows) no sign of intelligence, only an animal wariness".  Samson is completely uncommunicative, and Daniel becomes his reluctant caretaker.  When Rosh orders that the cruel shackles on Samson's arms and legs be removed, the task falls to Daniel to take off the manacles with chisel and mallet.

Daniel talks reassuringly to Samson as he performs the tedious task, even though he knows Samson does not understand him.  Samson does comprehend the significance when the shackles are finally broken, however, and after stretching his arms in celebration of his freedom, he falls to his knees before Daniel and lays his forehead on his foot.  Samson does not understand that Rosh is the master of the band and that all orders come from him.  In his mind, Daniel is the one who removed his chains and freed him, and it is to him that Samson will be forever grateful (Chapter 2-3).