why does reverend hale come to the proctors home? what does this scene reveal about hale's role in the trial The Crucible act1 scene 2

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Reverend Hale comes to the Proctor's home after Elizabeth was mentioned in court.  He is there to check their devotion to the church and questions why John has been so often absent from church.  That two of the three Proctor boys had been baptized was also a source of concern for Rev. Hale.  John Proctor was also asked to recite his ten commandments and ironically messed up on the one about committing adultery.

This scene shows how Hale is an outsider and seems to be gathering factual information.  He appears to be reasonable in a very unreasonable time in the Salem community.  As the story progresses, he sees the insanity and feels guilty about what he fostered.

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Hale comes to Proctor's house to find evidence for witchcraft.

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