Why does Ralph fail as a leader in Chapter 3?I need examples from the text to prove the answer!

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It is hard to know whether you want to know what shows that he has failed or what causes him to fail.

As far as what shows that he has failed, we can see that he has failed because none of the kids except Simon and Piggy are really willing to keep on helping him build the huts.  The rest of them do not stay focused, and he is the one who ought to be keeping them that way (if he is a leader).

As far as why why he has failed, I think the only thing we can really say is that he is a bit whiny and not very positive.  When he talks to Jack he seems like he is complaining.  He ends up talking about how he doesn't actually like working.  This attitude would not be very inspiring, I think.

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In the book Lord of the Flies Ralph can not get the children organized enough to build shelters.  He is frustrated at the lack of help and the shelters fall apart easily.  He and Jack have a conflict over the need for shelters verses the need to kill a pig. 

Ralph is also focused on getting and keeping the rescue fire.  He fails to recognize that until the children's basic need of hunger is met, they are not going to concentrate on anything else. 

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