Why does racism still exist?  Why does racism still exist?  

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Racism still exists because parents are still teaching their children to hate. When a child is raised in an environment of hate, he will learn to hate. Children need to be taught to hate, or be raised surrounded by hate, in order to learn to be racists. Schools cannot entirely counteract this.

Simply put, racism still exists because people allow it to.  One person thinking they are better than another because of the color of their skin is an old idea that has been passed down from previous generations.  Of course, there is another side to racism as well.  Sometimes racism is continued because of the perceived racism.  If a person assumes they are being treated differently, they might assume it is because of their skin color.  This might not be the case at all.  Sometimes racism persists not because one group thinks they're better than another but because people assume that is what others think.

Racist beliefs are passed down from generation to generation. Families, friends,...

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