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by Homer

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Why does Poseidon despise Odyssueus?

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Poseidon, Greek god of the sea, despises Odysseus because of what Odysseus did to his son, Polythemus, otherwise known as the cyclops because of his one eye. Odysseus and his crew land on an island and find a cave full of lifestock that they proceed to kill and eat, little knowing that Polythemus owned them. Polythemus returns and blocks the cave with a huge rock that cannot be moved by man and then eats two of them each day. Wily Odysseus organises a plan for them to escape. They turn a huge branch into a spear which they use to blind Polythemus, then they strap themselves to the underside of his cattle, so when he opens the cave to let his sheep out to graze they can escape and go back to the ship and flee. Odysseus, having escaped, reveals what he has done to Polythemus who becomes enraged and throws rocks at the ship. However, because he is blind they miss. Finally, Polythemus raises his hands to the air and begs his father Poseidon to curse Odysseus, asking him to not permit Odysseus to return to Ithaca. If he did get back however, he must return by himself, his crew having been killed, and in a stranger's ship. Thus begins the animosity between Poseidon and Odysseus.

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