Why does Ponyboy realize he doesn't like Dally in The Outsiders? Please explain.

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Pony only hangs out with Dallas Winston because he is so close to Johnny Cade--Pony's best friend. Johnny idolizes Dally, and Dally treats Johnny like a little brother. Dally is also a member of their greaser gang, another reason Pony tolerates him. While Pony does his best to stay out of serious trouble, knowing that Darry would kill him if he was arrested, Dally is proud of his arrest record and his violent past on the streets of New York City.

... he did everything. I didn't like him, but he was smart, and you had to respect him.  (Chapter 1)

Pony disagrees with Johnny's belief that Dally is similar to the "gallant" Southern characters inGone With the Wind. Where Pony can envision Darry and Soda and even Two-Bit "like the heroes in the novels I read..."

Dally was real... Dally was so real he scared me...
Not even Darry wanted to tangle with him. He was dangerous.  (Chapter 5)

Pony knew that Dally treated most women badly and didn't care "about anyone but himself," and he knew Dally would die by violent means one day, but on the night of the rumble, Pony still felt close to Dally. "Two friends of mine had died that night: one a hero, the other a hoodlum."

gmuss25 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

As was mentioned in the previous post, Ponyboy admits that he does not like Dallas Winston at the beginning of the novel. Dally is by far the wildest member of the Greaser gang. He has absolutely no regard for authority and will not hesitate to harm anybody. Dally loves to fight, drink, gamble, and participate in practically any illegal activity that will entertain him. Needless to say, Dally does not have many redeeming qualities. However, Ponyboy tolerates Dally because he is a Greaser and is close friends with Johnny. Ponyboy takes no pleasure in participating in the illegal activities that Dally enjoys and has a completely opposite personality. Ponyboy is sympathetic, understanding, and respectful, which is everything that Dally is not. Despite Dally's difficult personality, Ponyboy learns that Dally is a caring individual after he helps them flee the city and risks his life saving Johnny. 

user5614395 | Student

Pony thinks Dally is a no good hood. No evidence needed. But, a quote is 

 " . . . he did everything I didn't like."

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