Tangerine Questions and Answers
by Edward Bloor

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why does paul decide to make a joke with victor - tangerine  

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Paul makes a joke with Victor because he recognizes that Victor creates friendships through jokes. Victor’s jokes can often come across as mean-spirited to people who don’t know him. This is the reason why Joey leaves Tangerine Middle School-because he can’t take Victor’s jokes and only sees them as bullying. 

After a few days of hazing, Paul feels better about these jokes. Since he’s done well at goalie, he knows that he’s earned Victor’s respect. This makes him feel more comfortable and able to relax around the people who initially intimidated him at Tangerine.

The line between funny, between-friends teasing (like when the Tangerine players call Paul "Fisher Boy") and cruel teasing (like when Arthur Bauer and Erik make fun of Mike Costello after his brother's death) is a recurring theme in Tangerine. 

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