Why does Paris call on friar laurence?romeo & juliet

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Paris goes to talk to Friar Laurence in Scene 1 of Act IV.  The reason that he is going to talk to the friar is because the friar is supposed to marry Paris to Juliet in just a few days.

Paris is presumably there to make plans about the wedding.  Friar Laurence is kind of reluctant to do this because he knows that Juliet is married to Romeo.  Before long, Juliet comes to make her confession and so there is no opportunity for Paris and the friar to do any planning.

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The only time Paris calls on Friar Lawrence is in Act IV, scene i to plan his wedding. Paris is hasty in his effort as Lord Capulet has encouraged this marriage to happen quickly because Juliet is so depressed. But Capulet has no concept of her depression. He thinks it has to do with Tybalt's death when in reality it has to do with Romeo's absence and is complicated and intensified by this forced marriage to Paris.

Juliet interrupts Paris' effort to make plans with the Friar. This is the point at which she seeks the Friar out for help to remedy this planned marriage. It's a little ironic that Paris is there to start their marriage and Juliet arrives to end it before it happens.

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