Why does Papa Logan bring Mr. Morrison to stay with the family?

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bullgatortail eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Following Mary Logan's dismissal from her teaching assignment at the school, her husband (who works in another city and does not live with his family) decides to take action to better protect the rest of the Logans. He invites an acquaintance, Mr. Morrison, to stay on the property. Morrison is a mountain of a man, and he later shows his strength when he beats two of the Wallaces. He knows that Morrison will also offer protection against the night riders who have been plaguing the black population with violent raids. The big man has also been in trouble at his previous job, so he needs a place to begin a new life. Morrison helps out around the farm, but he lives alone and is primarily with the Logans to serve as the de facto man of the house. 

danceqt | Student

To protect him and his family from the nightmen.

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