Why does Palestine have the right to exist and Israelis do not belong in Palestine?Please ASAP and give me details

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hi1954 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I'm not sure this question has a solid "yes" or "no."  If we use the religious book argument, the God of Abraham promised specific areas of land to both the descendants of Isaac and Ishmael.  The area we call Palestine was promised to the Hebrews, Isaac's children, not the Arabs, Ishmael's, although they were also promised vast areas.  Muhammad was born in today's Saudi Arabia, not Palestine.

If we use the argument of history, the area was lived in mostly by Arabs since AD 70 when the Romans drove out the Jews after the Jewish Revolt.  But many Jews have lived there throughout this time, also.

Another historical argument is that the Palestinians are the descendants of the ancient Philistines, the people who invaded Israel after the Hebrews drove out the Canaanites in the centuries after Moses.  This doesn't hold water, since the modern Palestinians are not related; the earlier Philistines were wiped out by the ancient Phoenicians, which is to say the Lebanese.

Then there's the idea that Palestinians are descended from the Canaanites, also not true.  Palestinians are Arabs originally from Arabia and the lands to the east.

The real problem is that the Holocaust convinced the world the Jews needed a modern nation-state, and since it is the area of ancient Israel, it was the place chosen.  Palestinians were offered equal citizenship with all the same rights as Jews, but their leaders fomented a war in the fear they would lose power over the Palestinian people.  If Palestinians had votes in a modern democratic Israel, how could their fuedalistic leaders have kept control?  But they lost the war, and their Arab brothers have bewailed their plight since 1948 but have never offered real help. The Arab nations keep them in refugee camps, and have never offered to share any of their land, have never offered any but the most parsimonious financial aid.  The hypocrisy among Arab governments about the Palestinians is appalling. The Arab people are very affected, but their governments don't seem to really care.

Personally, I believe both Israel and the Palestinians obviously have the right to exist, and that both Israel and other states such as Jordan, Syria and Saudi Arabia should all offer land for a Palestinian state, and the incredibly rich Arab countries should financially help set it up.  Any other plan is unworkable, as we have seen for the last 61 years.

Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are a handful of questions that have ranged back to the orgins of recorded time that still lack an answer.  This is one of them.  It is beyond unrealistic to expect an answer to the problem in this forum, but there can be some light shed on it.  Those who are in favor of a Palestinian state point out a couple of arguments to support their position.  The first would be that the holy and sacred nature of the region makes it uniquely Arab.  As it is the birthplace of the Prophet Muhammed and, essentially, the Islamic religion, it is almost sacrilegious to have non- Arabs as the primary owners and stakeholders to such lands.  Due to the historic and religious implications of the land, many see Palestine as rightly Arab because of the continual Arab presence on the land over time.  Throughout recorded history, they argue, Arabs have lived, survived, and died in this particular region, and to artificially deem it non- Arab negates such a history.  While many would concede that the systematic slaughter of Jewish individuals in the Holocaust represented the very definition of unfair treatment, the negotiations to appease Western guilt after the second World War came at Arab expense in granting them the state of Israel.  Many Arab proponents believe that simply repeating political mistreatment and displacing it from Jewish people to Arab individuals is not progress.  In the final analysis, these reasons have led to a splintering of opinion on the issue of Israel and Palestine.  In the spirit of interjection, I would also suggest that there can be no solution without both sides reaching some level of accord.  It seems that the reasons for a Palestinian state are almost as compelling as a the reasons for an Israeli state.  If both groups want to survive, succeed, and flourish the entire region into one of stability, progress, and growth, there has to be a workable solution which allows for the deescalation of tension and the building of solid ground which can allow for global prosperity in the new century.

tema09 | Student

sorry tthats not the answer am looking for. i need it to bespesific YES or NO and why with proves