Why does Othello trust Iago? What does Iago do to make Othello trust him? What is Othello's personal flaws and how does the rascism contribute to his trust in Iago?

mizradane | Student

Othello is one black amidst the white. Iago being his ancient, is always close to Othello. Thus makes Othello believe that he is Othello's confidanté.

Othello always feels an inferiority complex about himself; He believes that he is inarticulate and barbaric. It is one falw in Othello's character despite his hounourable position as the General of Cyprus.

Haply, for I am black

And have not those soft parts of conversation

That chamberers have; or for I am declined

Into the vale of years- yet that's not much-

She's gone :

Also the negative qualities such as misjudge of character , overwhelming love and possessiveness of Desdemona , lack of understanding, and lack of self-esteem also leads him to his tragic ending.


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