Why does Orwell use the word ‘unaccountably’ about Squealer’s absence from the fighting?  This is from chapter 8

Expert Answers
pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

During the Battle of the Windmill, Squealer is nowhere to be seen.  But after it is over, he appears, talking about victory.  This is when Orwell says that Squealer had been "unaccountably"absent.  I believe that he says this sarcastically -- he is trying to emphasize how unsurprising it is that Squealer was not in on the fighting.

I think that Orwell is trying to show us that Squealer is a "person" that we should look down on.  He is always going around lying to the other animals.  He is only important because he sucks up to Napoleon and helps Napoleon stay in power with his lies.  Now, we are seeing that he is not physically brave either.

So this is sarcasm or irony -- Orwell is emphasizing how weak Squealer's character is.