Why does Oberon remove the spell he has cast over Queen Titania?

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Oberon is often associated with order in the play A Midsummer Night's Dream with respect to re-establishing the order in the play as well as the re-establishing of the Elizabethan world order.

  • Order in the drama

After Titania gives the changeling to Oberon, there is no reason for him not to cause any further chaos, so he returns Bottom to being a full man. Then, in his satisfaction of having reinstated his authority over his queen ["Why should Titania cross her Oberon?" 2.1.],he restores Lysander's love for Hermia, and then blesses all the human lovers as all human conflicts are resolved.

  • World order

With Oberon's re-establishment as a puissant king of the fairies, the spiritual world is put back into order; subsequently, the human order is re-established by the spiritual world, and the idea of world order that prevalent in the Elizabethan Age (The Chain of Being) is again present so that all can end well.

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Oberon removes the spell he cast over his Queen, Titania, because she has given him what he wanted. Titania gave Oberon the young boy in the woods, thus, he believed it was time to remove the spell and bring Titania back to her real self. Initially, the Queen is confused when she awakens, but Oberon quickly takes her mind off of her dreams by talking about the upcoming weddings.