Why does Framton Nuttel leave in such a hurry and how does Vera explain it?

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Nuttel leaves in a hurry because fear is the only emotion he understands.  We learn that he is a nervous person, who does not like strangers.  The idea that he even believes Vera's story suggests weakness.  Nuttel has obviously dealt with fear and anxiety for so long it has become a second nature to him.  Nuttel never thinks about questioning Vera's story, he just reverts to the only emotion he is capable of executing with certainty, which is to run away.

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Mr. Nuttle leaves in a hurry because he is frightened. Vera has told him a story about why Mrs. Sappleton leaves the window open, saying that Mrs. Sappleton believes her missing husband and brother will return thought it, just as they left through it, seemingly long ago. Although the story is not true (the men only left that morning), Mr. Nuttle, a very nervous guy, believes it. Therefore when the men do return through the window, Mr. Nuttle suffers a "nervous breakdown" and must flee.

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because he was scared of the dog!!

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