Why does nick say to gatsby they're a rotten crowd. Yo're worth the whole damn bunch put together?

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wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
In The Great Gatsby, Nick is able to see through the other characters' pretenses. He realizes that Daisy, Jordan, and many of the others are just playing a game. They drift through life trying to see what they can get and how much they can take. Daisy certainly doesn't take much seriously. They hurt those around them without really stopping to think about it much less care about they damage they are causing. Gatsby is different. He pretends to play the same games and have the same values, but he doesn't. He cares deeply for Daisy. He shows a depth of character and feeling that the others often lack. As Gatsby's neighbor, Nick tends to see this side of Gatsby more than others might. When he says this line to Gatsby, he is trying to reassure Gatsby of his worth to his friend and he is expressing his feelings about the way the others treat Gatsby.
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