Breathing Underwater

by Alex Flinn

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Why does Nick get so angry with Leo in Breathing Underwater?

Expert Answers

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Nick agrees to volunteer at the carnival with Leo and his girlfriend Neysa. Neysa is late meeting up with Leo, and so he gets mad at her for the rest of the day, so much so that he acts incredibly mean towards her. Nick tells Leo to cool it, but he's not listening. So on he goes, yelling at Neysa and ordering her around; at one point he even raises his hand to her.

Nick's very angry at Leo's behavior. The main reason for this is that, for the first time, he can now see exactly how he used to behave towards Caitlyn. Leo's abusive and disrespectful behavior towards Neysa provides Nick with an uncomfortable insight into his own troubled past. This sudden realization scares Nick, and he vows never to see Leo again.

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