Why does Mr. Pocket keep tugging on his rumpled hair at the end of Chapter 23 of Great Expectations?

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Michael Foster eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Mr. Pocket is a mild-mannered man in most circumstances, but his wife tends to give him a great deal of frustration through her reminders that her father is a “gentleman,” as well as her extremely poor child-rearing techniques. At times, however, he grabs his hair with both hands and seemingly tries to pull himself up out of his chair. That being done, he resumes his calm and his patient consideration of his wife’s ridiculous requests and comments. At the end of Chapter 23, Mr. Pocket has learned that the cook is lying on the kitchen floor, drunk. When he expresses outrage at this, Mrs. Pocket exclaims that the cook has always been a respectable woman and blames the maid Sophia (who has brought this to the attention of Mr. Pocket) for being a tale-bearer. She also accuses Mr. Pocket of siding with Sophia, who is only trying to “make mischief” for the “respectable” though drunk cook.

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