Why does Mr. Martin change his murder plans?

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"The Catbird Seat" is a short story written by famed American author, humorist, journalist, and playwright James Thurber, originally published in 1942. In it, the ordinary, quiet, and meticulous Mr. Martin decides to murder the loud, bold, and assertive Mrs. Barrows, as he believes that she disturbs the work environment for everyone who works in Mr. Fitweiler's firm.

However, if we analyze Mr. Martin's character, it becomes clear that he is not an actual killer, nor does he have that kind of mentality. Mr. Martin is described as a man who has no family or close friends, and he only socializes with his colleagues because he cannot avoid them. He has never drank or smoked in his life, and he is very organized; he is someone who likes routine and order, which is why he feels that Mrs. Barrows's appearance in his life is a serious threat to his orderly "system."

As he arrives at Mrs. Barrows's apartment with the intent to murder her, he realizes that his plan is impossible and he will most...

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