Why does Mr. Justice Wargrave believe that "Indian Island was news!"?

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schulzie eNotes educator| Certified Educator

At the beginning of the novel, Justice Wargrave is thinking of all the times he has seen Soldier Island in the news.  First, there was the fact that an American millionaire had bought it. Since this story was set in England, that might make the news.  Then a beautiful modern home was built on the island, and the home was featured in the news. The third wife of the millionaire was killed in a boating accident on the island, and that was in the news.  After that the millionaire wanted to sell it, so various advertisements of the home and island had been in the papers. Finally came a statement that a Mr. Owens had bought it.

Gossip also made the papers concerning the island and the beautiful home.  It was rumored that a Hollywood film star, Miss Gabrielle Turl, bought it.  Another rumor was that it was sold to royalty.  Mr Merryweather was said to have bought it for a honeymoon, and it was rumored to have been sold to the Admiralty to carry out some hush-hush experiments for the government/military.

There was definitely a lot of interest in this island, and that is why Justice Wargrave believed that this island was newsworthy.

goreadabook eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are several rumors surrounding Indian Island and who owns it.  The fact that it is a complete mystery makes it even more appealing to those who thrive on gossip.  At the beginning of the first chapter, Mr. Justice Wargrave is reading through the paper and recalling several of the rumors that are floating around.  Some say Gabrielle Turl, a Hollywood film star, purchased the island to hide from all the publicity.  Another rumor claims that an American millionaire owned the island, but lost his money and was forced to sell the house.  Another rumor claims that a member of the royal family purchased the island.  Indian Island is a hot topic and the fact that it is drawing so much media attention makes it so significant.

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