Why does Mr. Chang throw his coat into the pool at the party in The American Society?

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Mr. Chang threw his coat into the pool because he was angry and felt embarrassed by Jeremy. The Changs were invited to the party by Mrs. Lardner to make up for their failed admission to the country club which they had applied to join. The party was organized for Jeremy who was leaving for Greece. The party was a display of love for Jeremy by the community because he was separated from his wife and his daughter refused to talk to him.

Mr. Chang got a suit jacket from a local store and because there was no time to make fitting adjustments, the sales girl temporarily tacked the jacket for it to properly fit him. Mr. Chang did not remove the price tag and wore the jacket to the party. At the party, Jeremy spotted Mr. Chang and they began to chat. Jeremy, being drunk and realizing Mr. Chang was a stranger, accused him of gate crashing his party. While the confrontation ensued, Jeremy offered Mr. Chang his polo shirt and took off Mr. Chang’s jacket so he could wear the shirt. Jeremy noticed the price on the jacket tags left by Mr. Chang and sarcastically commented on the price.

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