Why does Montag meet the book people at the railway track?

Expert Answers
luannw eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Montag meets the book people after he leaves the river and begins to follow the abandoned railroad track.  They are living in the wilderness away from the city.  This is appropriate because they are society's outcasts, but they are also society's survivors.  They cast themselves out of the city and society because they didn't want to give up their books.  They survive because they aren't in the city when it is devastated by a bomb. They also survive because they won't give up their books. Montag has become one of them; one who sees the importance of books and what they have to teach so he also goes to the wilderness and survives.  He will memorize a book too, a book of the Bible.  Bradbury has Montag meet up with the book people so that he can become one of them to emphasize to the reader the point Bradbury is making with the book - that books and learning are essential to survival for a society and for individuals.  Meeting them at the abandoned railroad tracks is just the convention used to show that they live in wilderness outside of society.