Why does Montag leave books in Black's house in Fahrenheit 451?

Expert Answers
mlsldy3 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

This event happens in part three of Fahrenheit 451. Montag has just killed Beatty, and is now a fugitive. He has been wounded by the mechanical dog, and Montag realizes he needs to make his way to Faber. Montag decides to leave the books he has in the house of Black. Black is a fellow fireman and Montag is now fully aware of the truth, so he plans to set up Black by planting the books in his house.

Once Montag plants the books he knows that the house will be burned and this will probably be his best chance to escape to Faber's house. The whole town is in the beginnings of a war, and Montag is now the one who knows the truth. His eyes have been open to the society and the way they all controlled everyone else. He is disgusted with himself because he was a part of this society for so long.

This book, though set in the future, has a very clear meaning for us today. We see that technology has taken over so much of our lives and we don't even think anything about it. Most people would rather watch television or play a video game than read a book. We must realize how important words and stories are and pass them on to the future generations so we won't become a society that doesn't care.