Why does Miss Maudie believe that appointing Atticus as Tom's defense attorney was no accident?

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In Chapter 22, Miss Maudie invites the children over to her home for some of her famous cake and offers them words of encouragement following the trial. Jem expresses his disappointment with the outcome of the trial and is jaded towards the racist community members of Maycomb. However, Miss Maudie challenges Jem's cynical thoughts by mentioning the numerous citizens who helped and supported Atticus. Miss Maudie brings up the fact that the entire African American community supported Tom along with Judge Taylor and Heck Tate. She then tells Jem that it was no accident that Judge Taylor appointed Atticus to defend Tom when court-appointed defenses were typically given to less experienced lawyers like Maxwell Green. Miss Maudie views Judge Taylor's decision to appoint Atticus to defend Tom Robinson as significant evidence that the community is making a small step towards equality and justice. Maudie is aware of Judge Taylor's knowledge that Atticus will honorably defend Tom and challenge the racist jurors.

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In Chapter 22 of To Kill a MockingbirdJem experiences great disillusionment with his community and in the way things work out in life. He tells Miss Maudie that he has been like one "in a cocoon: wrapped up in a warm place."

"I always thought Maycomb folks were the best folks in the world, least that's what they seemed like."

Miss Maudie adds that the community is rarely called upon to be good Christians, but when this call comes, the community has Atticus to go on their behalf. Jem adds ruefully that he wishes the others in the community felt the same way. But, Miss Maudie contradicts Jem, telling him that the black community supported Tom, as did people such as Sheriff Tate, Judge Taylor, and  Atticus. She asks Jem,

"Did it ever strike you that Judge Taylor naming Atticus to defend that boy was no accident? That Judge Taylor might have had his reasons for naming him?"

Jem must consider this statement because the latest addition to city defenders, Maxwell Green, should have been given the case. Atticus was appointed because he would do his best to defend Tom and convince the jury of Tom's innocence. Miss Maudie adds that she felt that Atticus still would not win the case; however, she thought to herself that Atticus is the only lawyer who could have kept a jury out so long. So, the town is moving forward.

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