Using the word "speak," explain the significance of Melinda admiring David.

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that Melinda admires David because he is able to "speak" in a variety of contexts.  It is significant because as Melinda struggles to find her own voice after being raped, she looks to examples as to how her voice can develop.  David is a a part of that process.  Melinda recognizes that David's voice will "speak" and be heard regardless of situation and context.  In his defiant voice, Melinda understands both the importance of the need to "speak" as well as how one's voice must be heard in any context and situation.  I think that this is where her admiration of David is extremely important and very telling.  It is through Melinda admiring David that she understands that her quest and desire to "speak" is not something that is in vain.  Rather, it is significant because it represents a stage in emotional and psychological maturation and development.  Melinda understands through viewing David's use of voice, an exercise that does not bring shame and humiliation but rather strength and honor.  This becomes inspirational to Melinda, helping her to develop the strength to "speak."