Why does math have to be involved in our every day life??!!!  

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It is a vital tool which helps us to use numbers.  Numerous problems can be solved using mathematics. Math helps us make decisions wisely.

Whether we want to go out for shopping for any celebration party or on holidays.  We plan and budget for our expenses using simple addition, multiplication or subtraction or division.  It helps us in calculations and better planning and decision making.

Sellers and service providers prepare the bills or invoices using mathematical calculations.

All business operations use mathematical tools for decision making for maximizing their profits or increasing their sales revenues by deciding on the right product mix.

Banks calculate interest payable to the customers using mathematical applications.

All complex engineering applications and design, science studies and research, astronomical study, computer science and most of the fields can’t be imagined without the use of math.  Much of the progress in the scientific fields, communication, just to name a few, can be attributed to the math. 

It is impossible to think of everyday life without the use of math.

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