Why does Mary Grace attack Mrs. Turpin in "Revelation"?

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It appears that people in the doctor's waiting room were sitting quietly until Mrs. Turpin comes in with her husband Claud and begins to talking to others in the room. We learn that Mary Grace is not happy with the chit chat:

She appeared annoyed that anyone should speak while she tried to read.

Further, when the woman that the overweight Mrs. Turpin has cruelly labelled "white trash" mutters under her breath about hogs, she could be describing Mrs. Turpin's behavior in the waiting room:

"A-gruntin and a-rootin and a-groanin."

Both in her speech and her private reflections, Mrs. Turpin passes smug judgment on everyone, including Mary Grace:

The poor girl's face was blue with acne and Mrs. Turpin thought how pitiful it was to have a face like that at that age.

Mrs. Turpin then goes on to reflect on how much better her face is than Mary Grace's.

We hear the story entirely from the point-of-view of Mrs. Turpin, who is supremely complacent and self-satisfied with her own perfections and believes...

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