Where the Lilies Bloom

by Vera Cleaver, Bill Cleaver

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Why does Mary call decide to help Kiser after they find him ill in Where the Lilies Bloom?

Expert Answers

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Mary Call is determined to keep her siblings together after their father dies; this will involve remaining on their land. One serious problem they face is that they do not actually own the land—Kiser Pease does, and he is capable of evicting them. Mary believes that Kiser wants to marry her sister, Devola, and knows that her father had opposed this match. In fact, he had made Mary promise to prevent such a marriage. Mary understands that she can help Kiser by applying the folk medicine recipes that she uses. She offers to help Kiser with his recovery, with the expectation that he will agree not to put them off the land and will relinquish the idea of marrying her sister.

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