Why does a management major need to be a good writer?

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The critical component of management is communication.  Communication of expectations, understandings, vision, and logistical realities are an essential part of what it means to be in management.  Comfort in writing helps to bring these forms of communication into reality.  At the same time, writing allows a greater propensity for mastery of language.  Writers need to have more "weapons" in terms of words at their disposal.  Different adjectives, phrasing, as well as composition of thought are all elements brought out in writing.  With this in mind, management majors would possess greater clarity of vision in being good writers.  At the same time, there would be a theoretical reason as to why management majors could benefit greatly from being proficient writers.  When one engages in writing, the immediate lesson learned is that the writing process humbles an individual to understanding that one is never "finished."  There can always be improvements to drafts made and the "final" product is never really "final."  There is a lesson here for business in not being content and always striving to "do better."  Management majors can understand this business lesson through understanding the craft of writing.

npoore84 | Student

Is it important to be good writer in all types of careers. Though you most likely won't be writing literature analyses or critiques, you will be required to write proposals, emails to professionals, etc. It is important to know how to address your colleagues professionally. Writing helps increase your ability to improve your vocabulary, perfect your grammar, and improve your spelling. It also helps with the ability to present yourself in speech and presentation. Through improvement in writing, you will be more comfortable in presentations to others and have more confidence in yourself.