Why does the man not recognize the astrologer? There are a number of reasons. State all of them.

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ask996 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the story, "The Astrologer’s Day" by R. K. Naraya, there are several reasons why the astrologer was not recognized. One very obvious reason were the intervening years between leaving the man for dead and the moment the man showed up at the astrologers stall. The astrologer had also grown long whiskers and had a turban wrapped around his head. Chances are he did not look that way as a younger man. The astrologer’s stall did not have its own lighting, so the dim lights of the surrounding stalls did little to chase away the shadows caused by the deepening night or the smoke of fires and gas lamps. The marketplace was even darker when the man arrived because many vendors had already left for home. My favorite reason why the man did not recognize the astrologer was the power of suggestion. The man eventually believed the veracity of the astrologer, and consequently when the astrologer told him that the man for which he looked was dead, the man believed him. The power of suggestion was strong, since the astrologer "divined the truth" and then gave the man answers.

robertdeath | Student

I would like to add a bit more to this answer. The story also says that the astrologer caught a glimpse of guru nayak when he lighted his cigar. Either way, it may have been the same for the person never to have seen the face of the astrologer, for while lighting the cigar, one concentrates on the cigar and not on something else. So, he may never have got a chance to look at the astrologer. Also, he came to the astrologer after dark, when nearly all stalls had been closed.