Why does Lyddie's family leave the farm?

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The answer to this question can be found in chapter 1. This is the chapter that introduces readers to the tough and brave girl that Lyddie is by having her take charge of keeping her family safe when a hungry bear walks into their home. Once the bear leaves the home, Lyddie and the others begin laughing as a way of releasing the stress that has been building up.

The only person not laughing is Lyddie's mother. Lyddie's mom believes that the end of the world is upon them and that the bear was a sign that the end times are near. Lyddie's mother wastes no time in announcing that she and the family will be leaving for Poultney. She says that she wants to be around the faithful for when the end times come. Lyddie tries to dissuade her mother, but it is no use. Her mother's mind has been made up.

Lyddie can't bring herself to leave with the family. She wants to make sure the house and land are taken care of because Lyddie still holds out some hope that their father will return. Fortunately for Lyddie, her brother Charles decides to stay with Lyddie, and together, the two of them successfully make it through the winter. The chapter ends with Lyddie finding out that her mother has hired Lyddie out in order to pay off family debts.

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The first of Lyddie's family to leave the farm is her father, Mr. Worthen. From the text, we can speculate that Mr. Worthen left to find better work opportunities. The text tells us that Mr. Worthen had been unlucky: his crops had been poor, and the bottom had fallen out of the wool market before he could make his money. So, Mr. Worthen left for financial reasons.

After the bear incident in chapter 1, Lyddie's mother, Mrs. Worthen, leaves for Uncle Judah's farm with two of the youngest children, Agnes and Rachel. Mrs. Worthen leaves because she believes that the farm would no longer be able to sustain her little family indefinitely.

Additionally, Mrs. Worthen also believes that the end of the world is upon humanity. She imagines that it would be best to congregate with others who share her beliefs. Although Lyddie thinks that her mother's beliefs are odd, she does not try to keep her mother and the younger children from leaving.

As for Lyddie and Charlie, the two eventually have to leave the farm. After their mother leaves, they receive a letter from her, informing them that she has leased the farm, pasture, and animals to Mr. Westcott to repay some family debts. To their dismay, their mother had also hired them out as workers at the tavern and the Bakers Mill.

So, it can be said that Lyddie's family mainly left the farm for financial reasons.

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