Death of a Salesman Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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In Death of a Salesman, why does Linda Loman tell her sons, "Get out of here, both of you, and don't come back!"

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When Biff and Happy return home after having abandoned Willy at the restaurant, Linda is waiting for them, angry almost beyond words at what they've done. She refuses to give up on Willy as her sons have apparently done; furthermore, she persists in her efforts to support and protect her husband. Because she knows about his suicidal thoughts and intentions, she worries about what may push him over the edge. Throughout the play, Linda is the character who consistently enables Willy by soothing his frustration and anger, accepting his "mistakes," for instance, about how much commission he's made, and attempting to find excuses for his often strange behavior. She dearly loves Willy, and if forced to make a choice between her husband and her sons, she will choose Willy.

Now that her sons have cruelly left Willy at the...

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