Miracle's Boys Questions and Answers
by Jacqueline Woodson

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Why does Lafayette want to protect Charlie in Miracle's Boys?

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Lafayette wants to protect Charlie to stop his life from spiraling even further out of control. Although Charlie is older than Lafayette, he's considerably less mature, always getting into trouble of one sort or another. He was bad enough before he was sent to the Rahway Correctional Facility for robbing a store. But since he was released, he's been even worse. Now he's "New Charlie," a mean and angry young man who harbors considerable resentment towards his brothers.

The old Charlie, for all his faults, had a soft center. He used to cry if he saw a stray dog in the street and would pray to St. Francis of Assisi for the welfare of all stray animals. But that was then; this is now. And the new Charlie is a pretty mean guy who, it seems, cannot be helped.

But Lafayette hasn't given up on his brother. He still sees something there beneath the tough-guy exterior. That's why he and his older brother Ty'ree do whatever they can to keep Charlie out of trouble. Deep down, they know that he's well worth saving, for all the trouble he causes them.

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