Why does Lady Macbeth ask to be unsexed and her milk taken for gall? when lady Macbeth get the message that Duncan is coming to the castle, she the unto the evil spirits

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Mr. Shakespeare does this often. He makes what is characteristically the weaker sex the stronger one --except the women who are strong, never see themselves as such. Lady Macbeth wants to rid herself of anything femine. She wants to be strong like a man. Yet,she is the one who would "dash the brains out of her newborn child" if the child stood in the way of her success.
Isn't it Macbeth who tells her that there are mn who would like to be like her if they knew what she was really like?
This is a woman of courage and resolve.

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Man, isn't that a great section! She asked that she be unsexed because women are traditionally seen as the kinder, gentler sex and she's trying to set herself boiling with enough fierce emotion to do what it takes to put her husband on the throne…in other words, she's asking to be made less feminine so she can murder.


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