Why does Keisha mention Andy in her essay about friendship?

Expert Answers
Stephanie Gregg eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Keisha understands that Andy's depression is so deep because he lost such a good friend.  Having to write an essay about friendship, thinking about her own friends and the fun things they do together, and imagining how her life would be different if she didn't have friends has made her look at Andy's situation differently.  She says that she and Andy are "having a rough time" and comments that she thinks "it's because he lost his best friend and it's hard for him to get over the guilt and the pain."  Keisha has been so concerned for Andy that it would be impossible for her to write an essay about friendship that did not include him.  She wants to stand by him and see him through his grief, but it is becoming more and more difficult to deal with his depression.

cathycutrone | Student

Keisha mentions Andy in her essay about friendship because she knows that he is dealing with a great loss and needs to know that he still has friends who care about him and consider him a friend.  Keisha needs Andy to realize that although his mistake caused a great deal of sadness, he is still a person whom she considers a friend.  She is trying to reach out through her essay to Andy, to tell him that someone still cares about him.

dezboo1998 | Student

she inculde's him in her essay because she feels that they have a unbreakable friendship and they love eachother