Why does Kate appear before Marlow as a barmaid in Goldsmith's "She Stoops To Conquer"?

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chickflik999 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Marlow is the man that Kate's father has chosen her to marry. In an effort to impress him, Kate's father enourages her to dress in plain, old-fashioned clothing for their first meeting. Marlow gets lost on his way to the house with Hastings and stops in a bar. Here they meet Tony, who gives them directions and tricks them into thinking that the Hardcastle residence is really an inn. Kate first meets Marlow in her old-fashioned clothing and finds him to be very shy and overly formal. When she changes back into her regular clothing, Marlow mistakes her for the barmaid. He flirts with her and calls her pretty. It turns out that Marlow is very shy around high-class women, but has no problem with women who are a lower-class. In an effort to seduce Marlow, Kate pretends to be the barmaid so he does not talk to her in a stiff, reserved manner as he did when she was in her more conservative dress.

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