In "The Kugelmass Episode," why does Kugelmass fear his rival, Rodolphe?

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Kugelmass has been magically transported into the story line of Madame Bovary and has been having an affair with Emma, the title character. In the novel, Emma is a dissatisfied housewife who has a passionate affair with Rodolphe Boulanger. Kugelmass tells the magician to make sure always to put him in the story before Emma meets Rodolphe. Kugelmass says of him:

"He's landed gentry. Those guys have nothing better to do than flirt and ride horses. To me, he's one of those faces you see in the pages of Women's Wear Daily. With the Helmut Berger hairdo. But to her he's hot stuff."

He's afraid that the minute Emma meets Rodolphe, she won't be interested in him anymore.


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because Rodolphe is a handsome character and he may seem a hot stuff for Emma so he told his analyst to put him in the page before 120 so he ensures that he didn't loses her

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b/c he doesnt want any competition with rodolphe, he just wants an easy relationship with madame bovary.