Why does Julie have good memories from her childhood in Julie of the Wolves?

Julie has good memories of her childhood in Julie of the Wolves because they involve time spent with her loving father. Her father taught her so much and almost always included her in his activities. She also fondly recalls her people's traditions, such as the Bladder Feast.

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In chapter 2 of Julie of the Wolves, we learn all about Julie's childhood. Even though her mother died when she was very young, Julie has fond memories of her earliest years. This is mostly because of her caring and loving father, Kapugen.

Kapugen included Julie, also known as Miyax, in almost everything. He took her to the seal camp on the frozen shore of the Arctic Ocean where they lived together in a driftwood house. Every night, other men would come, and they would sit and talk around the fire. Julie would even join her father on his seal hunts. They would ride out together in his kayak, and Julie would ride on her father's back, wrapped in his parka for warmth. Julie loved this time spent with her father more than any other time in her life. In the spring, she joined Kapugen on his whale hunts, another fond memory of father-daughter bonding.

Julie also has good memories of the Bladder Feast. This was a vibrant celebration of dancing and storytelling. Her father's friends and a shaman woman take part in this festival and, although moments of it frightened her, she remembers it as a lively and happy time.

Julie also recalls learning about animal spirits. Kapugen tells her about the wolves he once knew. He tells her that respecting the wolves and speaking their language will create a bond between humans and the animals. This certainly comes in handy for Julie later in the story.

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