Why does Jonathan dwell on his blessings and not on his losses?

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Jonathan is one of life's optimists, a man who always counts his blessings. And when you think about it, it's not hard to see why. His country, Nigeria, has just come through a long and bloody civil war, in which many people were killed and millions more made refugees. And yet Jonathan and his family have been incredibly lucky. Though many buildings in the capital city, Enugu, have been completely destroyed in the conflict, Jonathan's house is still standing, much to his surprise. Jonathan is also in the happy position of being able to work and provide for his family. In the aftermath of the war, many people are not quite so fortunate.

Jonathan opens a business, which soon becomes very successful. Although he cannot return to his old job as a miner, it's clear that being a businessman is much more to Jonathan's liking. The money's also a lot better.

Even after Jonathan is robbed of £20 by thieves who show up at his house one night, he still maintains his cheerful, optimistic outlook on life. And why not? Despite the trauma of being robbed, he still has his health, his family, his business, and his home. Life goes on, and even after this unpleasant incident, Jonathan knows that he's still a lot better off than he used to be.

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