Examine why Jimmy Porter attacks Christianity.

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Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

One of Jimmy's consistent lines of social critique is the fact that modern England consists of people who do not "feel" anything.  They are insulated by routine, a sense of monotony that prevents full immersion on an emotional or intellectual level.  "Posh" magazines are read, "well-bred commonplaces come from beneath the same bowler hat," and the adherence to a life that meets a level of social acceptance are the only functions of modern England.  Jimmy rails against modern Christianity because he sees at as a reflection of this condition in which people don't feel anything.   Embracing religion as part of a routine smacks of in-authenticity for Jimmy.

Jimmy criticizes Christianity because it has not galvanized people into action.  In his mind, the Church has stood on the sidelines while people have embraced a life that lacks emotional connection.  The Church has become a part of this, content to be a part of the "window dressing" in people's lives.  As opposed to seeking a sense of emotional connection out of its congregants, the Church is content with being another accessory, something reflective of the lack of feeling in English society.  For Jimmy, redemption cannot be achieved unless individuals are emotionally committed.  The fact that the Church has not spoken out against this condition and still promises redemption smacks of hypocrisy.  It is for this reason that Jimmy attacks Christianity as being reflective of the social attitudes towards which he has nothing but disdain.

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